LAB-GO is a patented, innovative and technologically advanced anti-counterfeiting label that all businesses which have been harmed by this plague have been waiting for. LAB-GO is meant to be one of the major instruments for discouraging counterfeiting and forgery in all industries which also suffer the consequences and related financial damage.
The LAB-GO label has three security and technological levels :

  1. the QR code which identifies the label is made up of an exclusive algorithm added to a color code made in such a way that the different colors of said label continuously change their position. This code is so exclusive that not even the programmer who generates it is able to reproduce it, as it is created in black and white and printed in colors only afterwards.
  2. Once the code has been printed it is covered with a multi-color film (mechanically removable with a coin) which ensures its invisibility. When a customer purchases the goods, he/she scratches the film off (as in scratch cards) so that the QR code can be seen. At this point he/she can “read it” with a smartphone with a specific APP which activates the color QR code. This way only the end customer is the one who activates the QR code. All this is done with a smartphone and a dedicated application.
  3. The dedicated APP not only decodes the QR code algorithm: while it scans it, it sends a picture of the QR code to an exclusive server of the manufacturer of the purchased goods. The manufacturer compares and overlaps the code with the same one found in database in the server. By overlapping the QR code the manufacturer is able to compare not only its exact shape but also its exact position and the type of color existing inside the QR code.

Fields of application of LAB-GO:

The LAB-GO label can be used in many fields,

some examples:

  • On-line shopping
  • Mechanical spare parts
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Luxury Goods
  • Hard and software
  • Consumer goods

The LAB-GO label is available in various formats. We are studying a label able to stand low temperatures.

In addition, the label is supplied with an anti-removal system which makes removing the label from the surface on which it has been applied impossible without damaging it (as the Swiss motorway vignette).


Differences in comparison with other existing systems:

  • LAB-GO does not have a clear text code and it therefore cannot be photographed and reproduced.
  • LAB-GO is highly secure as its colors are randomly generated. The sequence of the codes are hence unpredictable.
  • The APP used has the exclusive task to send and overlap the scanned code with the original one found in the database exclusively belonging to the client company.
  • LAB-GO guarantees only the client company the power to check the structure of the QR code which has been sent.
  • Sophisticated and costly machinery are required to produce LAB-GO which discourages ill-intentioned people and counterfeiters.